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The Truth Is All That Matters

Reality is like a bottle of pills. If you have too much of it, it will kill you (or drive you mad).

I'm bored so I'll type up my profile.

I may not be as pretty as a rose, but I can be as vicious and sharp as its thorns. Therefore call me Rosette. You can also call me that cause the rose is my favorite flower (the flower of romance), and I refuse to give away my real name (cause I don't really like it and just in case anyone I know might read my LJ). That would make it rough for me.
I am an anti-social high school girl who hates her life (for the most part). I do plan on changing (I don't know when or how but I do). And I forgot to mention I get stressed out easily and sometimes completely loose it (as in my mind). But its okay, I think. On the bright side, I try to be accepting of others and try not to be judgemental, I love drawing and hiking, and I try my best to be nice (if you are nice to me). If you can deal with talking to a capricious person, (well good for you) fill free to friend me if you want. I love psychology but mostly am not going to be a psychologist (for obvious reasons, reread beginning of paragraph if you don't get it). Plus I'm being discouraged from many people on becoming one. Not much to say about me (besides I feel wierd talking about myself anyway). I'm more interested in other people. If you just wanna leave me a comment, I'm okay with that too. Just please: NO HATE COMMENTS!
Thank you. Bye.

Full metal Alchemist Military uniform Pictures, Images and Photos
By the way, you'll notice how I'm a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist

I'm such a claim whore. Because I'm bored at times. So here's the amount of claims I've managed to snag. ^_^

<">Roy Pictures, Images and Photos
| I own (the smug bastard) Roy Mustang

FMA Ling Yao Pictures, Images and PhotosI claimed the beloved Xian mooch Claim Here

Claimed at memeinabox

edward elric Pictures, Images and Photos
[CLAIM HERE]is my military dog
Fullmetal Alchemist